1. Select the file or files you want to include in your password protected .zip archive.
  2. Press right-click on your mouse, then hover over the 7-Zip option with the cursor. This will expand another context menu.
    select 7-zip
  3. Select the Add to archive… option.
    start encryption
  4. In the Encryption section, enter and reenter a password by typing in the fields. If desired, you may select an encryption method using the drop-down menu.
  5. Click OK to create the .zip archive with password protection.


  1. Open the .zip file with WinRAR.
    WinRAR file
  2. Click on Tools from the menu, located in the top-left corner of the WinRAR window.
    WinRAR tools
  3. Select Convert Archives. You can also use the Alt + Q keyboard shortcut in WinRAR to access this feature quicker.
    convert archives
  4. A popup window will appear on your screen. Click on the Compression… button.
    compress files
  5. Click on the Set password… button.
    set password
  6. In the Enter Password field, type in the desired password, then enter it again in the Re-enter password for verification field.
    confirm password
  7. Click OK. A new window will appear displaying “Are you sure you want to encrypt converted archives?”. Click Yes and allow WinRAR to process the request.
    finish setting password
  8. After WinRAR has applied the password, click Close. Now, you can securely share the .zip file with anyone.